Words are powerful

Words are powerful. Some people can make people cry with words. Some people can make someone laugh with words. Some people can make people happy with words. Some people aren’t able to do any of these things with words, but that’s ok.


Somethings change

Somethings change, like from being 4 to being 5, and like being a Christian to a Muslim, like from living in Colorado to living in Florida, life is different at every corner. You might not like the change but it’s got to happen, there couldn’t be houses with out wood, there couldn’t be food with out farms, there couldn’t be computers with out technology, there couldn’t be you with out life. There’s stuff like that, that changes, no matter what you do you can’t stop change, and that’s why life is fun.

Me explaining how the world was made to a Christian

Hi! So today i was talking to a few of my friends and one asked i wonder how the first person got on earth so I told him all of that stuff then we started talking about evolution so my other friend walks up and tells how god created the earth and everything I’m not Christian and if I were I would not believe that if you are I’m not trying to offend you but i like to go at things from a scientific angle so then I had to explain to him how that’s not true then I have to explain about 70 ad to about 1800 bc so that was hard!

That’s what the big talk of how the earth was made me vs Christian friend

Who will win?
I did!

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The little ant with a big dream

There was a Little ant the ant’s name was Lottie. the ant had a dream that one day she would be so big and so strong. so,one day she set out of her ant hill to find the golden grapes, the silver steak,the charcoal cheese,the platinum potato, and the ruby rutabaga,she went to the best cow farm in the county to find the silver steak she came across a silver cow and said to the cow,
“I need the silver steak” she said.
“Well I have the silver steak but you have to kill me first”.so the ant picked up the cow and though it away “yes!”she said and she took the silver steak next she went to the vegetable garden at mr.ney’s house.so,she went to the back yard when she got there and saw a vegetable garden.
“Look!” She said “it’s the ruby rutabaga!” So she picked it up and walked away then she ate the silver steak and the ruby rutabaga “yum!” She said when she was finished “i feel strong!” She said then she went to the grain farm to look for the platinum potato.so,she went there and found a farmer running around like crazy then she noticed that there was a gray rock running around “that’s the platinum potato!” She said so she ran around trying to catch the potato avoiding the farmer’s big feet.then,she caught the potato then she ate it quick so the farmer couldn’t get it.then,she said “yum!”after she was finshed the she went to the dairy factory to find the charcoal cheese. she saw coal in the factory then she saw black cheese
“The charcoal cheese!” So she went and stole the cheese and ran.she ate it quick “yum!” She said after eating it so now all that was left was the golden grapes.she went to the grape farm and found yellow grapes the golden grapes! She went and picked them up and ate them she grew big strong she was the size of a wolf! She then walked around eating stuff.

The end